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Welcome to Three Rivers Studios Rita Crane reminds you to call us first
Richard's outdoor sculpture
Cynthia Myers tells you how to e-mail everyone at the same time cynthia tells you how to e-mail all the artists in one shot
Cythia Myers lives on LIttle River Airport Road
JoAnne Abreu lives off of D road in Albion, California
Cliff Glover and Marion Miller live off of F road in Albion, California
Jan Hinson lives in Albion, California
Laaura Rose paints in Albion, California
Rita Crane shoot pictures in Albion, California
Karen Bowers lives of of Navarrow Ridge road in Albion, CAlifornia
numberONeCynthia Myers
  • Address: 43000 Airport Road, Little River.
  • Phone: 707-937-2355;
  • Directions: 3 miles south of Mendocino, 2 miles up Airport Rd.
  • Open: Fri, Sat, Sun. 10am to 5pm
numberTwoRichard Yaski
  • Address: 6024 Albion-Little River Road, Little River.
  • Phone: 707-937-0075, or 707-937-2999; ryaski@juno.comCall for directions.
numberThreeJoAnne Abreu
  • Address: On "D" Road in Albion.
  • Phone: 707-937-3155;
  • Call for directions.
numberFourCliff Glover and Marion Miller
  • Address: 3500 "F" Road, Albion
  • Phone: 707-937-3311;
  • Directions: From Hwy 1 turn east onto Albion Ridge Rd. Go approx 1.6 miles, turn left onto "F" Rd. Go slowly over speed bumps, veer left at signpost, keeping the split rail fence on your right. Drive straight to the end of road.
  • OPEN: Studio gallery is open year round. Please call first.
numberFiveJan Hinson
  • Address: 3551 "G" Road North, Albion
  • Phone: 707-937-0404;
  • Directions: From Hwy 1 turn east onto Albion Ridge Rd. Go approx. 1.75 miles, turn left onto "G" Rd. North. Take the first right turn, then the first right driveway at the 3551 sign.
numberSixRita Crane
  • Address: 30911 Albion Ridge Road, Albion
  • Phone: Call 707-937-2439;
  • Directions: From Hwy 1, take Albion Ridge Rd. up the hill. Turn right onto our g ravel driveway at the 2.75 mile marker.
numberSevenLaura Rose
  • Address: 30900 Albion Ridge Road, Albion
  • Phone: Call 707-937-4921;
  • Directions: East up Albion Ridge Rd., first left after the 2.75 marker. Follow signs to Rose Studio.
numberEightKaren Bowers
  • Address: High Point of View Studio,
  • Navarro Ridge Road.
  • Phone: 707-937-3163;
  • Call for directions.